Meet Bailee!
This is Bailee:
Bailee has been a part of the Basic Team since April 2021 working part time as a sales rep at our Sulphur Springs location!
Bailee is 17 years old and is from Sulphur Springs, Texas! She attends Sulphur Springs High School and is graduating in 2022. After graduation, Bailee plans to attend UT Tyler where she will apply to the Radiology program. 
In her free time, Bailee enjoys listening to music, doing extra curricular actives, and studying. 

Bailee's Favorites:
Favorite thing to watch on Netflix or tv: America's Next Top Model
Favortie Food: Sushi
Favorite Drink: Sweet Tea
Favorite Color: Blue or Black
Bailee says that she is most excited to meet new people and continue to be active in her community!
Bailee hopes to see you ALL veryyyy soon! In the meantime, keep up with her and ALL THINGS BASIC on Instagram!

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